VTT Verschleissteiltechnik was established in 1996. The founder Harry Post started in developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality wearing parts and components for the reduction of wear.

Shortly after VTT entered the market of high tech lamination plates for secure applications. In more than 25 years  VTT has earned an excellent reputation in the field of high tech lamination plates for the production of secure documents such as passports, driving licenses, national ID’s, bank cards, smart cards or health insurance cards with integrated security features.

Today customers and governments in over 70 countries trust in VTT for their documents, making VTT the market leader in this field.

Company Profile

With more than 1800m²  of production and 340m² of office space VTT has plenty of room to cater the crowing demand in the market. As security is a key factor to a trustful cooperation all premises at VTT are secured according to the highest standards.

Company Profile

To cater the world, VTT has  production facilities in Langenhagen, Germany and Penang, Malaysia. Our global sales network spreads around the world with office locations in Spain, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Middle East, Australia and India to ensure opitimum availabitlty around the world.