High tech lamination plates
- VTT Double A: High quality surface
- VTT DIAplus: Scratch resistant SS
- VTT-Duro 400/Duro 900plus NEW
- VTT-X 40-S: SS mild
- Vautrol nonstick coating
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VTT Verschleissteiltechnik was established in 1996. The founder Harry Post started in developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality wearing parts and components for the reduction of wear.

More than 20 years, VTT has earned an excellent reputation in the field of high tech lamination plates for the production of secure documents such as passports, driving licenses, national ID’s, bank cards, smart cards or health insurance cards with integrated security features. In a cost-efficient way, maximum protection from forgery is achieved by using VTT lamination plates. They can be used for PVC, PC, Teslin, PET-G and other materials.

Lamination plates are manufactured precisely to world-wide customer’s request and are suitable for all lamination presses.


In March 2012, VTT announced the opening of its production facility for lamination plates after relocation from Wedemark to Langenhagen, nearby Hanover, Germany. Thanks to new place of headquarter, VTT triplicated production capacity. 1.800 m² for production and 340 m² for administration are now available.

New place gives VTT the chance to increase standard of security measures even once more. Especially for production of lamination plates for governmental and bank products this is a very essential point.

VTT locations in Malaysia, Brazil, China and VTT representatives in other countries like Italy, Spain, Middle East, Australia, South Korea, India and the USA take care of customer needs in these countries.


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