VTT Cleaner for lamination platesservices_by_products1

A high-quality cleaner for lamination plates that is particularly suitable for smear-free cleaning of smooth or textured surfaces.

  • The cleaner is excellent at removing residues left for example by polycarbonate, PVC, ABS, Teslin, PU or PET. It can also remove paint, grease or other types of soiling on the surfaces of lamination plates, therefore extending their useful lives in the production process.
  • The cleaner can easily be applied directly in the production process




VTT Wiper towel for lamination plates, 12” x 12”services_by_products2

Wiper towels are suitable for equipment cleaning in manufacturing operation and class 10 cleanrooms.

  • Ultrasonic cut & sealed treatment for four edges completely prevent scratches.
  • Excellent absorbency and very low particle generation.
  • Extremely low metallic ions and extractables.