VTT release eX28

Our VTT Release eX28 coating is a permanently applied surface treatment that increases the chemical resistance of the lamination plates while reducing the adhesion of materials on the plate surface.


VTT release eX30

The release properties of VTT release eX30 are unmatched. This coating is applied permanently  to the plate surface for high durability and severely reduces the adhesion of materials such as Polycarbonate or TPU to the plate surface. With a reduced need to clean the plate lifecycle is extended making it more economical to use.


VTT Vautrol

The easy to apply VTT Vautrol is a spray coating that severely reduces the adhesion and friction on various surfaces. The application directly from a spray bottle offers a high level of flexibility.


VTT-DIAplus technology

VTT-Dia plus steel plate for the production of smart cards.

  • Makes lamination plates scratch resistant with useful life of approx. more than 5 years.
  • Due to special stainless steel in 1 mm thickness and approx. 450 HV.
  • DIAplus coating with mirror surface only. With hardness corresponding to 1.000 HV.
  • Plates are refurbishable.