VTT-Duro 900plus 


Scratch-resistant VTT- Duro 900plus core hardness HV 500 with VTT-DIAplus technology with surface hardness HV 900 (Hardness in Vickers) stainless steel. This offers a significant increase of lifetime compared to conventional materials such as nickel- and chromium-plated lamination plates made out of brass and mild stainless steel.

  • Thickness of these plates is 0,8 mm only and approx. 900 HV (Hardness in Vickers).
  • VTT Duro 900plus lamination plates outperform competitive products in terms of durability and efficiency  with a lifetime that is up to 15 times longer than conventional lamination plates.
  • The result is a cost-efficient production with a brilliant quality.
  • An extraordinary resistance to scratches and indentions makes VTT Duro900plus the optimum choice for sophisticated applications such as e.g. the production of contactless antennas and integrated modules.