VTT offers cost-effective solution for manufacturing of high-quality cards:

  • Extreme precision and repeat accuracy.
  • Scratch-resistant surfaces and long service lives due to VTT-DIAplus technology.
  • VTT-Duro 500 and VTT-Duro 900plus are perfect for RFID production, as transfer of images and antennas is prevented.
  • Security upgrade with VTT print lens technology and new options for PVC cards (which are not suitable for lasering of lenticular lenses ).
  • It is often not necessary to use additional safety features.
  • Reduced scrap rate and low replacement costs thanks to VTT Double A high quality card surface.
  • VTT Vautrol non-stick coating prevents the adhesion of laminates on the plate and reduces electrostatic build-up.
  • Suitable for all lamination plates.

VTT‘s lamination plates allow cost-efficient integration of safety features. No special production facilities are required.