High tech lamination plates
- VTT Double A: High quality surface
- VTT DIAplus: Scratch resistant SS
- VTT-Duro 400/Duro 900plus NEW
- VTT-X 40-S: SS mild
- Vautrol nonstick coating
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VTT Print Lens Technology – A security upgrade for cards made of PVC and other materials. It offers new options particularly for PVC cards which are not suitable for lasering of lenticular lenses. Regular plain lamination plates will be replaced by special VTT lamination plates.

  • Combination of the lenticular lenses with the print on the card.
  • Multi-coloured lens images, perfect flip imaging and 3D effects.
  • Significantly less risk of forgery!
  • Easy to produce with VTT Lamination plates technology.

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